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For product recommendations and consultations contact:
Tim Deutscher, Principal / JTM Nutrients
Phone/Text: 949-632-7378 / Email: tim@jtmnutrients.com

For product availabilty and pricing contact:
Simon Meza / SiteOne Landscape Supply
Phone/Text: 714-493-5178

  • How They Work
      • Feeds the plant
      • Feeds the soil
      • Feeds the essential microbes
  • When to Use them
      • Pre-plant
      • Grow-in/establishment
      • Long term maintenance
  • Why use them
      • Better than purely synthetics
      • Better than animal derived organics
      • Combines the best of synthetics and plant based organics
  • Where to use them
      • Turf, Trees, Shrubs and Flowers
      • Natives, Gardens, Consumables       and Succulents 
      • Environmentally sensitive areas
Fertilizers that promote the natural balance of carbon and nitrogen produce healthier plants, healthier soils and a sustainable environment
  • Unlike purely chemical fertilizers and traditional amendments, JTM uses a process called Carbon Fertilization to unlock exceptional growth potential in the soil by fueling it with stable organic carbon
  • This high-energy organic carbon, rich in essential organic acids, minerals and enzymes utilizes nature's own natural resources to produce supernatural results
  • JTM Nutrients offers a premium line of fertilizers/soil conditioners to professionals in the turf and ornamental industry who are seeking maximum performance with environmentally proactive solutions

Our Products

Plants have a symbiotic relationship with the microbes in the soil

JTM Nutrients

JTM Nutrients was founded in 2006. Our mission is to foster the knowledge and growth of the process now known as carbon fertilization. JTM Nutrients is committed to providing the most effective, environmentally pro-active fertilizers and soil conditioners available along with the highest standards of customer service and support to promote true sustainability in the turf and ornamental industry.


Our approach is more than sustainable, it is regenerative, and actually reverses the damage done by the over-use of typical fertilizers and animal by-products
C-N Ratio

C-N Ratio

Plants have a symbiotic relationship with the microbes in the soil. Plants do things for the microbes that the microbes cannot do for themselves and vice versa. Healthy soils contain billions upon ...

Humic Shale Ore

Humic Shale Ore

JTM Nutrients products are made with only 'non-animal' organic matter derived from humic shale ore. Humic shale ore is a naturally formed material composed of plant materials that have been ...

Soil Organisms

Soil Organisms

Plants and the beneficial soil microorganisms they depend on were created, developed and/or evolved together. They have a symbiotic relationship.


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