Promotes rich green color on all turf, ornamentals and consumables.

JTM Activator Fe/Mn 0-0-0 is a humate based formula developed to provide manganese and iron on turf and ornamentals to promote rapid green-up and long lasting color, while minimizing unwanted growth.

It is ideal for use on Kikuyugrass to improve color while minimizing scalping and clippings accumulation. Also works well on established ornamentals for rich green color without additional growth.

Primary Benefits:

  • An excellent source of highly available iron and manganese
  • Stimualtes beneficial biological activity in the soil
  • Provides stable organic carbon to balance nitrogen use
  • Provides immediate and long term color response
  • Greatly improves both the physical and chemical characteristics of the soil
  • Reduces fertilizer, chemical and pesticide requirements
  • Triggers thatch degrading organisms
  • Reduces scalping and clippings

JTM Activator Fe/Mn Also:

  • Reduces salts (EC) and releases "locked-up" nutrients in the soil
  • Naturally cleanses the soil of toxic residues
  • Improves nutrient up-take over a wider pH range
  • Increases the soil CEC, improving nutrient cycling
  • Increases resistance to disease and pests
  • Reverses the damage caused by the use of animal based products and those with imbalanced nitrogen content
  • Increases vital protein and carbohydrate levels
  • Reduces plant stress

JIM Activator Ca 0-5.5-0 does not contain animal proteins or high levels of heavy metals and salts associated with animal bi-products.

Net weight 50 lbs. (22.68 kg) Use only as directed.

Made in USA

Made in USA