For use on all turf, ornamentals and consumables.

JTM Augmenter is a highly concentrated, liquid fertilizer and bio-stimulant designed for use on golf course putting greens and other highly maintained turf and ornamentals. Formulated with a unique 3-way chelation system, it ensures maximum nutrient availability and uptake for all plants.

Primary Benefits:

  • Provides balanced macro and micro-nutrient feeding for optimum plant              nutrition
  • Provides immediate and long interval color response
  • Encourages even, predictable growth patterns
  • Chelated and complexed with fulvic acids, carbohydrates and organic acid for maximum nutrient availability
  • Increases vital protein and carbohydrate levels in plants

JTM Augmentor Also:

  • Improves fertilizer uptake efficiencies
  • Improves nutrient availability over a wider pH range
  • Enters the plant within seconds of application
  • Translocates throughout the plant with-in minutes of application
  • Increases resistance to disease and pests

JTM Augmenter 5-5-5 does not contain animal proteins or high levels of heavy metals and salts associated with animal bi-products.

Net weight 50 lbs. (22.68 kg) Use only as directed.

Made in USA

Made in USA